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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Degrees and DJs

I got an Aegrotat Degree. That is the first definition I have ever come across of them. Not that I've especially looked, mainly through the shame / denial of the whole thing.

I shouldn't be ashamed, they say, because not only is it a full degree, but they are very rarely awarded because it is rare that someone's work is at a good enough standard to have guaranteed that they would have passed had they sat the final exams.


I hate chain letters. I hate chain letters. I received one today and am angry about it. Not the email kind - they're bad enough, but this was a real, paper chain letter, making me feel it has even more power.

Yeah I know it's a stupid piece of paper, but that's not how it feels.

I am currently having a not-so-mentally-healthy reminiscence over Red Rose Rock FM as it used to be called.

Weirdly, it seems that Adele from Big Brother is now a DJ on there.

I remember Mike Toolan but really I was looking for (just worked out his name) Paul Jordan who, according to Digital Spy Forum, dotJournalism, Emap and many others, is now MD of Rock FM, though MediaUK says he is Head of News. I'm guessing that's out of date.

The Digital Spy Forum also mentioned Claire Anderson and Kev Seed, both of whom I remember.

97.4 Red Rose Rock FM from the Rocking Church at St. Pauls Square, to the Tower Of Power at Winter Hill across the Great North West

More rock, less talk

Buy a bike, buy a bike, get down to Charnock Richard Cycles. Buy a bike!

We're rocking the north west!

Charnock Richard cycles doesn't seem to have a website, but it was certainly worth linking to the google search results, as every single link to it seems to mention the ad jingle!

I have no idea where I was intending to go with that, but all that googling has taken me way off the track of whatever it may have been.