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Friday, August 27, 2004

Everybody loves surfin'.

I've been blog-surfing. Starting off with my links to the right and following their links then their links and, well, often ending up back where I started.

Found some fabulous moments worth sharing though.

Some fantabulous news clippings.

And oh myyyyyyyy, Spiderman camps it up.... I've been watching it for hours :))

the common man led me to the rather hilarious is my little baby going to be gay? They also have a store where, amongst other things, you can buy a What Would Jesus Do? thong, a rather fabulous collection of cards and postcards and truly creepy Bible verse gear.

Which reminds me... there was a radio discussion about the US presidential elections earlier. A woman talked about the 3 Gs of big issues. Guns, God and Gays. I was so excited! I'm a G!!!! (Clue: neither a gun nor God).

Street Memes has some great ideas. For some reason it has made me think of sociology lectures on globalisation. How the world has got a lot bigger and a lot smaller. Like in my city I can eat Chinese, Kurdish, Japanese, North American, whatever... so the whole world in my city. So the world is smaller. But also things from here are elsewhere making my city bigger... and that applies to everything. Anyway, I'm not saying globalisation is a good thing... just that this idea of the same graffiti appearing in cities and towns all over the world is quite amazing.

These cats hate you. Yes they do.