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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Inescapable Poverty? Oh, and odd referrers.

People find hippie blog in allsorts of strange ways. And I get to see the search terms people put into search engines and come here that way. Some of them are bizarre, some are disturbing, but I have to say, I like being the 6th result in an MSN Search for just for the laydees. Yey!

I am also ridiculously excited to currently be the top result in a google search for lebstromonous. Yey again!

However I also get a huge number of hits from people searching for welchia_icmp_scan and phonebuyer451 or

In the very early days of hippie, I seemed to be one of the first people in the world to be being attacked by welchia_icmp_scan and I wrote about it here. Now, every bugger and his dog is being attacked by it (and indeed, I am again each time I connect) and they are all searching for it and finding me who actually provides no information about it at all.

I hope I am more helpful to those searching for phonebuyer451 and that if people read what I wrote, they don't fall for yet another phishing scam.

On a totally different subject, I was directed to this page full of information about nutrition and poverty. There is some really interesting information on there...
  • The cheapest foods are often the unhealthiest. In terms of calories per penny, chocolate is a better deal than carrots. This results in low income families eating half the fruit and vegetables consumed by higher income families
  • Buying healthy foods can cost up 51% more than low-cost, nutritionally poor alternatives
  • The lack of shops selling healthier food in poor areas, and the loss of cooking skills, also makes the problem worse
  • The cheapest shops to shop in are usually discount stores but the range of food available was narrow and often excluded the healthier options
  • A healthy diet appropriate for pregnancy is unaffordable for pregnant women depending on state benefits
  • In 1992 all secondary school children lost their entitlement to receive education in cooking and nutrition - this left up to 38% unable to even bake a jacket potato
  • The cheapest and freshest foods are generally found in large, out-of-town supermarkets
  • Supermarkets are good for those who have the money to buy in bulk, the transport to carry bulk purchases, and the storage space. If a person has limited storage space and no transport, they do not have access to the savings offered by bulk purchase. Therefore those with the less money frequently end up paying most for their food
  • The most expensive shops are often the small shops in small communities
  • 4 million people in the UK cannot afford to eat a healthy diet say that
The most commonly used threshold of low income is 60% of median income. In 2002/03, before deducting housing costs, this equated to £194 per week for a couple with no children, £118 for a single person, £283 for a couple with two children and £207 for a lone parent with two children.
I don't know about the couple or parent levels, but the maximum JobSeekers Allowance for single people is £55.65 a week. This is less than half of £118! And it's only over-25s who get that amount. 16 and 17 year olds get £33.50 and 18 to 24 year olds get £44.05. Income Support levels are similar, between £32.50 and £53.95.

All of this also links in with what I said here about the Disability Discrimination Act and proposed changes to Disability Benefits.



Jenny said...

And this is in a supposedly well-off country in the 21st century. Talking to people a bit younger than me yesterday, a lot of them are really worried about how small their pensions are going to be when they retire. There are going to be an awful lot of elderly people living in poverty in years to come - but, of course, by then the government will have introduced compulsory euthanasia!