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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pigeon Chicks Day 2.

100_3755, originally uploaded by incurable_hippie.

People keep telling me they're cute...

I still think they're really ugly. I do, however, wish them no harm and am quite interested to witness their growing-up progress.


Anonymous said...

Am having to comment anonymously because I'm ashamed to admit that I too find the pigeon chicks rather ugly.

Unknown said...

Glad it's not just me, anonymous!! Shame it has to be such a secret. I'm not being secretive about it, but I am being shunned by pigeon-chick-cuteness-societies...

Jane said...

yeah they are ugly....there said it!

We have been watching a blackbird family in our garden and they keep me amused while I'm waiting for my antique PC to download pages.

Mum and dad rush around like mad while baby ("baby" is bigger than parents) sits under the tree waiting for worms to be shoved into his greedy little gob.

Then baby does this funny little shake and squeek and off goes mum & dad to do it all again!
It's knackering being a parent.