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Sunday, September 23, 2007


I saw a TV ad for Evans earlier, and none of the models could have been more than a size 14, I'm sure. Given that this is a clothes shop for women of sizes 16 upwards, going up to size 28 or 30 I think, that is crap!

I wasn't represented. It didn't make me want to shop there because they have clothes for bigger women.

It made me feel like 'there's yet another shop who designs their clothes for thin people' when they are the only high street shop who supposedly don't!

Who are they supposed to be selling to? Big women? Why not use them in their bloody ads then?



TASKER said...

Yes, some ads don't make any sense at all.

Anonymous said...

This is something I've never understood about Evans.
My ex-wife used to use them a lot, and I soon came to realise the clothes were available elsewhere, On one occasion We visited Evans where she bought a blouse, she left the shop and immediately noticed in the shop across the precinct (I think it was Top Shop) was the exact same blouse.
So, we went in and she asked if they had that blouse in a size 20 (which she had just bought in Evans) the young girl looked almost shocked, "ummm, I don't think so, I'll just check" she said, and disappeared for about 20 seconds, then came back and said "sorry, we don't stock anything over a size 16" I asked "Why not" and she replied (honestly!) "the manufacturers don't make these clothes in that size because there's no, ummm, very little demand for it" I was ready for an argument, but my then wife dragged me out of the shop.

What they do is have the manufacturers 'upsize' specifically for Evans, so something that just wouldn't suit a good figure is made in 'larger' sizes.

Which is a real shame, and begs the question, why isn't there a international chain of high street shops for 16+ with designs made by themselves, the market is there!

Anonymous said...

Well maybe they were 6 foot size 16s so looked thinner, but probably not. The topshop thing is a laugh - they only go up to a small 16 ( well apparently they do some styles in an 18 now) but there was a rumour earlier this year that Beth Ditto was going to be a model for them. Modelling what exactly? Handbags?