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Friday, November 23, 2007

China and the Lamas.

The Chinese government has brought in a law making it illegal to reincarnate without their permission. It's all because the Dalai Lama is now 72 and they want some control over the next one.

As well as imprisoning the Panchen Lama chosen by the current Dalai Lama, they have nominated their own Panchen Lama which could potentially lead to *two* Dalai Lamas being appointed on the current one's death - one officially sanctioned by the Chinese government, the other by the Tibetan and other Buddhists.

The current Dalai Lama has said that he will reincarnate, and that he won't reincarnate as a Tibetan, leaving the interesting position of the Chinese Government having to sanction a Tibetan person in the position.

Interesting stuff!


Simon said...

So disturbingly childish/like and malicious all at the same time.

What's the legal age at which you can prosecute someone in Chinese law? I'm assuming they can't arrest a newly born baby, or fetus... so, assuming that the next Dalai Lama was born in Tibet, would (s)he spend the first 18 or so years of life waiting to be arrested?

Unknown said...

Good question. I do know that the Panchen Lama (the one named by the current Dalai Lama) was placed under house arrest age about 8, so even childhood isn't a barrier!