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Thursday, November 05, 2009

First Guest Post at the F Word

I wrote my first guest blog post at The F-Word a few days ago, Feminist Spoons.

I have been amazed and pleased by the fantastic comments that people have left - it has been empowering and encouraging for me, and it seems for blog readers too.

When we do what we can, that's enough, it's good enough. Maybe the things we are able to do are different from the things others can do, but that doesn't make them lesser. We're all doing good :)


Claire said...

Brilliant post and fabulous and well deserved comments.

I'm trying to phrase this next bit carefully as I've written it about 5 times and then deleted but hopefully my meaning will get across....

Isn't it a shame that writing about disability and feminism and inclusivity is something that is still a remarkable thing? (reason I wrote this about 5 times was I was trying not to imply that your post was anything but brilliant, and is not remarkable merely for the topic it addresses...if you see what I mean!)

And still the odd comment about "Well we have to pay more for accessible venues..." etc. To me it is like this- if you can't get an accessible venue, you don't have the meeting until you can. Simple as that.

It is an interesting issue the woman who posted about her boyfriend essentially being her PA and thus not being allowed into women only groups. I appreciate both sides here and think the solution isn't clear cut, but would depend on the group and the seems there ought to be some way around it though, to enable her to attend, and it doesn't sound like they have tried engaging with her to work something out.

Alas you see this sort of thing all the time, not just feminist groups but all kinds of other activist and community groups who you would think ought to know better.


Claire said...

Oh also, I love the new blog design! I don't know how long it has been there but I hadn't seen it yet as I usually read your blog in my RSS reader unless I come to post a comment.

incurable hippie said...

Thank you Claire!

I understand what you mean about it being remarkable. I've been shocked by how much that's coming across.

And yeah, I agree on the accessible venues too. I hate to do the 'well if it wasn't open to *insert oppressed group of people here* would you hold it there? Though it is occasionally tempting!

And yeah, the bf / PA issue is interesting and complex, but you're right there could at least be some discussion.

Glad you like the new design - did it a few weeks ago :)

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