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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Spam Comments

I've lately started getting a lot of spam comments on my old posts, so I've been deleting them as they come in (Hint to spammers, don't bother writing a convincing looking comment for the context when your username is GenericViagra).

But as the problem is getting worse by the week I have now changed my settings so that comments left after a post has been up for 14 days will have to be moderated. Hopefully this won't be too annoying for regular or legitimate commenters, and it will save me time and energy I could better spend, I dunno, pissing about.


Jim Jepps said...

I do that - it's fine. If someone is commenting on a month old post it wont be part of an ongoing conversation anyway so I'm sure they don't mind waiting a few hours for me to let it through...

incurable hippie said...

Cheers for that, glad it's working well for you.