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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Patriotic?? I think not!

First job: teaching piano and flute
First screen name: fra95pjw
First funeral: Auntie Rene
First piercing/tattoo: ears when i was 16
First credit card: barclaycard when i was 18 or 19, at uni
First Kiss: hehehe
First one that mattered: hehehehehehe
First love: G.O. (wouldn't want her to google her name, as let's face it, we all do from time to time, and find herself here...!)
First enemy: the scary green woman on rod hull and emu
First big trip: rome age 7
First concert: lots of classical / orchestral ones always. otherwise, probably tansads in the mill at the pier age 16 or so
First musician you remember hearing in your house: jazz jazz jazz
Last car ride: erm...? taxi home from respite care?
Last kiss: last saturday
Last library book checked out: a book about endometriosis
Last movie watched: buena vista social club
Last beverage drank: pepsi max
Last food consumed: a co-op chocolate truffle
Last phone call: N, childhood friend :)
Last time showered: in respite care in the week. don't have a shower here.
Last CD played: beatles no 1s
Last annoyance: spam in my email
Last soda drank: pepsi max
Last ice cream eaten: it's been many years :( - ice cream makes me ill :((
Last time scolded: only by myself i think
Last website visited: becksydee's LJ where i got this from.

Googlism for: hippie

hippie is watching you
hippie is not a matter of dress
hippie is someone who does not own anything
hippie is a matter of accepting a universal belief system that transcends the social
hippie is more about caring for others
hippie is arrested again
hippie is going to post a picture of himself
hippie is a c++ implementation of the famous alice
hippie is the best html editor i have used
hippie is overwriting itself
hippie is in het park 2
hippie is some one that respects the earth and doesn't harm but gives love
hippie is not confined to any age group
hippie is someone who believes in peace
hippie is not affliated with house the homeless or capitol area homeless
hippie is in the church' from intruding when retrieving 'the hippie is in the park' subjects could suppress facts associated
hippie is in the park
hippie is a program that simulates a natural conversation
hippie is an authorized ammp dealer
hippie is an html editor that allows users to create sophisticated html pages for their personal and business web pages site
hippie is not just long hair and the looks or acid
hippie is not just a teenage thing
hippie is near
hippie is also an end user
hippie is not just the way you look or dress
hippie is anyone whos adventurous and curious spirit is exceeded by thier open mind
hippie is "higher" than it is wide
hippie is connected to the following things
hippie is connected to because
hippie is for the open discussion of all matters relating to the hippie counterculture from the 60s to the present
hippie is a prototype of a nomadic information system
hippie is spinning
hippie is defined as a member of a loosely knit
hippie is ready for experimentation
hippie is not out to make a profit or to line our pockets donations may be tax deductible
hippie is a grass roots not for profit entity
hippie is a proud member of the
hippie is defeated your peace is dead hippie is defeated your love is dead nasty
hippie is like that?
hippie is the "retro hippie"
hippie is a total & hopeless romantic
hippie is "dr
hippie is likewise thoughtful
hippie is said to have been a drop
hippie is detrimental to the work that earth first
hippie is the same size as four hippie buddies
hippie is a 60?s themed umbrella complete with bell
hippie is a column featuring information and opinion on social
hippie is in the parade for narcotics trafficking
hippie is a matter of accepting a belief system which transcends the social
hippie is a text based html editor with a built in internet explorer preview pane
hippie is in the park the hippie is in the church the priest is in the
hippie is played by brandon dewilde
hippie is a modern day shaman
hippie is holding his cup of coffee up and studying it
hippie is
hippie is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites
hippie is nothing to be ashamed of
hippie is the next best thing and there are more drugs
hippie is a surprise star in bookstore sales
hippie is the only truly user
hippie is a fantastic html editor that shows you a real
hippie is/was
hippie is bad and they say that if you wear hippie clothes it means that you take drugs and that you smoke
hippie is just be
hippie is having no attachments
hippie is screaming
hippie is flying over the mountains when all of a sudden there is a
hippie is weggevlucht naar het strand
hippie is a phase of life

There, you know a bit more about me now :)