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Saturday, May 21, 2005

I've been 28 for a week.

Chesney's back!! That's right, the one-hit wonder who you may remember being The One and Only is coming to my lovely city of Sheffield to sing. I shall be sure to stay as far away as possible.

I had the joy of a Roman Catholic education. This meant occasionally going on retreats, during one of which we had to meditate for several hours on the lyrics of that song... I am the one and only. There's nobody I'd rather be and so on. Profound stuff, you can see... Hmm.

Who is the Piano Man? It is such a sad story, and so evocative.

I am not doing very well lately, it's all a struggle. Trying to keep on top of things, including hippie blog.


billy said... a totally frivolous (and I'm not sure how to spell that) way - did you go to mylnhurst?...'cos ruth and I did :^)...

...and in a serious way - I'm sorry that stuff isn't going your way and it's a struggle...I know there is little I can do to help and what I do seems a bit crap know...stuff...*hug*...

with love