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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Akathisia, Biganimals, Councils, Donethings, Extragoodlinks ABCDE.

Go Sheffield! For being one of only two councils in the country to choose to house a group of people fleeing intolerable conditions. And shame on all the others.

And check out this liger... a lion / tiger cross that is monumentally huge!

Sometimes I get a form of either restless legs syndrome or akathisia from medication, which can feel absolutely torturous when I'm lying in bed and trying to get to sleep. For anyone else similarly afflicted, a bar of soap could be worth a try... Of course I'm sceptical, but given that my incredibly persistent verruca may actually be being reduced by daily applications of garlic strapped to it, I'm more open to suggestions nowadays!

Check out links on the right of the screen, by the way. I only put them there cos they're fab. My favourites of the day are On Becoming a Homosexual... and 360 Degrees of Sky.

And finally, a meme stolen from birdychirp:

    Ten Things I've Never Done
  1. Windsurfed

  2. Liked my stomach

  3. Got a suntan

  4. Learned Japanese

  5. Cheated on a partner

  6. Had a perm

  7. Found Jim Davidson funny

  8. Lived a tidy, organised existence

  9. Been to Sweden

  10. Eaten sushi
And you...?