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Monday, June 13, 2005

In 1996...

In 1996 handguns murdered 2 people in New Zealand, 13 in Australia, 15 in Japan, 30 in Great Britain, 106 in Canada, 213 in Germany and 9390 in the United States. Stop handguns before they stop you. God bless America


Anonymous said...

Grow up and bathe! If it were not for guns then you could not voice your opinion!

Unknown said...

If it were not for guns then I could not voice my opinion?? What on earth does that mean?

Are you presuming I'm in America? And how much opinion did the 9390 people killed by handguns in 1996 get to voice?

I can and do voice my opinion, and do so much more freely than I could in a country overrun with bloody guns.

The Un-Apologetic Atheist said...

Hippie, it's fairly hard to justify your position on guns based on the fact that America has high crime and murder rates in general. There are scores of factors influencing such deaths-- to blame them on the weapons that cause them is to miss the entire point and possibly cause more harm than you seek to undo.

When looking at the rates of vehicular accident related deaths in the United States (also higher than most of the rest of the world), few people blame the cars involved. Instead, we look at the traffic laws, the social factors involved (such as the USA's reliance on commuter cars instead of public transport, etc).

I think if you really looked into this, you might find that the US rate of gun homicide is, by percentage, about the same as the rate of gun homicide in other nations-- we simply have a much higher overall homicide rate than other nations for a host of reasons. These reasons include lack of healthcare, lack of employment, crushing poverty in our overcrowded cities, and lack of social programs to help those who would otherwise turn to lives of crime. THAT is your culprit, here, and that is what needs to be addressed.

Attacking guns strikes many Americans (myself included) as a direct attack on their liberty and an attempt to subvert them to the whims of a government with which they hold sacred the right to disagree violently-- as we Americans once did with your government, back when it was ours, too. When you tell us you wish to take our guns, we stop listening to your ideas-- because frankly, you've declared yourself our enemy.

Perhaps this will not sway you to reconsider causation before assigning blame based on what you find "icky"; but if that is the case then you *are* my enemy, as I am an ally of reason over emotion. And before you call me a redneck, I suggest you check out my blog-- I'm the precise opposite.