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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

David, Diesel, Gay, Greasy.

So, David Cameron has won the Tory leadership vote. Yaawwwwwn... But that's the UK Politics alert of the day out of the way. It was actually the top news story at 5pm, clearly more important than 100 people dying in Iran after a plane crashed into a block of flats.

I am annoyed at Robbie Williams. Apparently he has accepted substantial libel damages over claims that he is secretly homosexual. It reminds me of Jason Donovan suing The Face in 1992 over similar claims.

I mean, it is nothing to do with me whether either, both or neither of them are (or ever have been!) gay, but is it such an awful slur on their character that they have to sue people to stop them thinking or saying they are? It comes across as dreadfully heterosexist and downright offensive. It is not an insult, guys, if someone thinks you're gay. It probably just means you're cool ;-) (Ok that last bit's not true).

Diesel have launched an insensitive and highly inappropriate advertising campaign. See mediawatch for details.

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Lever said...

OK, I'm no political supporter but David Cameron does ride a bike, have kids, wants to work *with* the opposition and hinted at environmental policies so he *could* be a decent enough politician... let's see huh? :) LOL

thermalsatsuma said...

We haven't had any decent opposition for the last eight years, and George Galloway doesn't count when he can't even be bothered to turn up to vote against the government. I'm not sure if Cameron will be any good, but at least he might rattle things up before the next election a little. I'm still hoping for Boris to seize control of the Tories in a surprise putzch and be swept to power as leader of a gorvernment of national unity ... :-)

As for the Robbie Williams thing - the tabloids have no right to print things that are untrue about somebody, and they should pay through the nose for it. Whether somebody is gay or not is of no relevance or interest to anybody and the papers shouldn't be using it as a prurient way of filling up their pages.

That Diesel stuff is pretty naff - are they trying to appeal to the BDSM crowd?

Anonymous said...

Everybody things I'm gay and I'm not. I'm not even considered a slim sexy gay, instead I'm a great big bouncing bear. Thinking it made me cool was the only thing I could cling on to, and now you've taken that away too.

I now have no choice but to sue everyone everywhere for libel against my much maligned straight self.

Angelique said...

thanks for the ultra-supportive comment!! suing people for such stupid comments is vile. they should have to donate all the recieved money's to charities to help the greater good!