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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One good turn leads to another and another and another.

Church Action on Poverty is one of the (unfortunately) seemingly rare Christian charities which really uses its power and influence for the good. Like Christian Aid, it seems to use its money and position to help people, rather than to lobby government and campaign in the media for the elimination of gay people / single mothers / anyone of any other religion (delete as appropriate).

Today I got an email from Church Action on Poverty which I acted on. Firstly, it was asking us to contact the Home Secretary about the destitution of asylum seekers. Secondly, for everyone who does so a corporate sponsor will donate 10p to Church Action on Poverty! So two positive results from sending an e-card!

They said,
Help end the unnecessary destitution of those seeking asylum this Christmas by sending an e-card and raising funds at the same time. It will only cost you 2 clicks.
In this rich and welcoming country of ours we now have people seeking asylum who are destitute, homeless, or living on food parcels. Many of these people are “living ghosts” that no one knows about.

These problems would be eradicated if those seeking asylum were allowed to sustain themselves and contribute to wider society through paid work, bringing skilled people into our legal economy.

Please send an e-card to the Home Secretary, asking him uphold the UN Declaration of Human Rights and change the policies that are making people destitute.

Every time you send a postcard 10p will be donated to Church Action on Poverty by a corporate sponsor.

Then, after doing that I was also able to send an e-card to the Minister for Children, about protecting children who have been affected by domestic violence, and on sending that, women's aid get a donation of 10p for each e-card sent.

Marvellous! And as last week's Link of the Week was Artful Journey. This week, from the link down the right sidebar, it is One Good Turn!

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Laurelin said...

Thanks for the link, Hippie, that's a great one :)