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Saturday, January 07, 2006


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A few days ago I bought some fresh cranberries, as I had never eaten them before.


I thought they were so bitter because they were rock hard, so I left them a few days to ripen. They are now soft and really, really bitter.

REALLY bitter.

It's a shame because occasionally, behind the bitterness, I can taste a nice taste, but the eewwwkkk thing overwhelms everything.

On those TV shows where people send in funny home videos, there were often babies sucking a lemon then doing classic facial expressions. I felt very much like one of those babies.

Just goes to show that just because you like the juice of a fruit, does not necessarily mean you will like the fruit itself.

Very pretty, but yuck.

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Anonymous said...

Cranberry juice is always blended with sugar or a sweet juice to make it palatable, but it does add a lovely bitter edge to a drink (especially with vodka :D). I tried some organic cranberry cordial recently, it's a lot drier than the cartons of drink you get in the chiller cabinet and, IMHO, a more grown up drink.

Try making cranberry sauce with port and orange, just hit Google for several versions of this and other cranberryish things.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

But they look really pretty though, don't they?

La la la.

Claire D

bouncysteve said...

For refreshment on a long coach journey I stocked up with a large bottle of cranberry juice. It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my (admittedly sheltered) life. Horrible!

Anonymous said...

Try stewing them in fruit liquer next time, maybe eating it with icecream. It won't make you spell like me, honest.