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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chilli Challenge...

Yesterday I planted 6 strawberry seedlings. This afternoon I have planted chilli, coriander, and various herb seeds, to germinate.

I am very excited - and also scared in case they all die. I have kept a houseplant alive for well over a year now (a personal record!) and not only is it still alive, it is about 10 times its original size (no exaggeration!) so I thought it was time to attempt to brave some foody plants.

If, in 6 or so months, I can eat one of my own home-grown strawberries, it will make me immensely happy! If I kill all the plants I will have lessons to learn.

I already know that I need to earn the lesson of 'balance' - like, do things gradually. Six seedlings and many types of seeds in one weekend could probably have been better done over a period of weeks. But no, the all-or-nothing parts of me are still fairly prevalent, though I'm better than I used to be.

You must see Top Ten Reasons Americans like their Cars so Big chez alas. You really, really must.

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Andrea said...

Apparently, other plants don't usually like to be grown next to basil...

Rory Shock said...

nothin' like a fresh strawberry ... thanks for the link about the top ten reasons we like our cars big ... but what can you expect from the 53% who would actually buy an invisible bag of shit from the government if they were told it would support the war on terror