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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Missing Dad...

My Dad should have turned 60 today. The pain of that knowledge is almost unbearable.

We should have been celebrating, I should have made him a card, I should have chosen a present, I should be calling this evening to wish him a Happy Birthday, he should be finally allowed to retire.

It feels dreadful, I've already had several uncontrollable crying fits and my whole body and mind ache for my loss of him, and his loss of life.

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thermalsatsuma said...

My sympathies Hippie - it will get easier with time, but there's nothing that will ease your pain today. ~hugs~

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all.


mcbeth said...

Aw Hippie, I'm so sorry it was extra-hard today.

Days like this are especially nice when they're done, I think. xo