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Sunday, April 30, 2006


The final of the Snooker World Championship has started. I'm disappointed that I don't feel especially positive about either Ebden or Dott, but I will still watch the match (or at least some of it - these things last a long time!) with joy.

Firstly, it is taking place in Sheffield's Crucible Theatre, which is not far from me in the city centre. The BBC tents and 'snooker courtesy cars' and big screen have been more than conspicuous these last two weeks. Secondly, I just love snooker - it's exciting yet calming, it's vicious yet entirely polite, and it's totally absorbing, and totally relaxing.

I never understood snooker until one year when the championships were on and I was in hospital. I was incredibly depressed and basically lay in bed all day. One day BBC two was on on the TV in front of me, and as I was too miserable to move and do anything about it, I resigned myself to watching the snooker which was on there. After doing this for a day I understood the rules, understood what all the fuss was about, and was hooked. It probably helped that I saw a 147 that day, and *got* the whole thing.

There are plants of each of the colours of all the snooker balls in the game outside where the matches are being played too. Hence the pictures.

I dunno who I'll be supporting this evening - often if a match starts and I have no favourite, I do find myself warming to one or the other as it goes on, so we will see.

Anyway, I had better go and listen to a few hours of that click-click noise, which can only ever mean one thing.

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