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Thursday, April 06, 2006


I'm aware I've been really quiet here lately. I'm in a fairly dark pit of depression, and am mostly hiding. I don't really want to fill hippie blog with the moaning ramblings of a, well, moaning rambler, so I've mainly been staying away. Also, coming online would involve doing things other than curling into a ball or going to bed, so hasn't been top of my list.

Moan, moan, moan.

I hope to be functioning again soon - and not, I admit, purely so that I can blog profusely again. It is mainly because feeling better would really be rather nice. But blogging profusely is an appealing part of the whole plan.

Hope to be back properly very soon.

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thermalsatsuma said...

Hope you are feeling better soon ... ~hugs~

Anonymous said...

I hope you come out of your depression soon. You know, it's like a rollercoaster: you're either on your way up or on your way down.
Don't worry about being a moaning rambler. I mean, it's your blog, so post in it what you want. You know, I find that when I get depressed and post long ass posts about what is going through my mind, it helps me to organize my thoughts. Maybe I don't come out of my depressive spell sooner, but at least I have some place to talk about it. Even if no one comments or cares, I can go back and read what I've written and kind of follow my state of mind. You know?

Anonymous said...

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The Goldfish said...

Hope you're feeling much better very soon, Hippie.

Am rather fascinated by the above, possibly the most inappropriate spam I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Ick. Depression isn't fun, that's for sure. Been there, done that.

Try taking a walk in a wood and think to yourself "trees don't get down, they reach for the sun.". It works for me :)

I'll be thinking about you, sweetie. Be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey hippie!

Sorry to hear you've been a bit depressed lately :(
But surely you should use the blog to let your your feelings instead of feeling that you should hide them from others?
Maybe we can even help or just lend a sympathetic ear...

Point being, don't hold it in!