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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BBC Britain in Pictures

The following of my photos are on the BBC Britain in Pictures website. How excited am I?! (I can't view that page with firefox btw).

Park Hill flats, Sheffield.



Jessop Hospital for Women, Sheffield

Claywood Flats, Sheffield - Demolition by Nibbler

Weston Park Museum, Sheffield

Passing Traffic

Firth Court, University of Sheffield
Firth Court (submitted)

Sheffield Town Hall

Winter Gardens, Sheffield

Also on PhilippaPhotography blog.


Claire said...

Fantastic! And they deserve it too cos they're great photos.
Seems to work OK in Safari.
Yay you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics - congratulations!

Anonymous said...

PS - I can see it in Firefox.

mcbeth said...

Way to go, gal; congratulations!

Your eye is developing in some clear ways -- such fun to see happen!

soul said...

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