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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Oh for fuck's sake.


Claire said...

I know, you can hear dejected sighs all across the land.

The buffoon thing he does on the TV is just a persona mostly, as can be seen from the way he's conducted himself when there was actually something serious at stake.

I feel like doing one of those things right wing people do all the time, i.e. "If such-and-such wins the election, I'm leaving the country! Britain's going to the dogs"...etc etc ad nauseum...but I still reckon it is better here than most places.

Although Scandinavia looks attractive.

Silverstar said...

Could be worse, he only runs London. We have a choice here between an old, warlike fool, or trying to decide to vote for the woman and be racist, or vote for the man and be sexist. And whoever we end up with runs the whole country. Right into the ground, if s/he turns out like the present officeholder.

thermalsatsuma said...

I read this interview with him in the Pink News which puts a different perspective on his actions. The buffoon persona is a bit of an act it seems, and he is actually more positive and libertarian when you look at his actions in office. For example he voted against Clause 28 and in favour of civil partnerships, which makes him quite unusual in the Tory party.