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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Things You Really Need to Look At.

Carved crayons - w-o-o-o-w.

Google in 20 years - genius, I need this for my house.

I love tattoos, but... - some of these aren't so bad but some are so, so, so bad.

Another Funny Tattoo for the html geeks among us.

Sins - what happens with different combinations of the seven deadly sins.

Hillary. Normally avoiding all mention of the endless US elections, had to share this one.

15 hilarious church signs - Not sure I'd go with 'hilarious', but some raised a smile, especially the google reference.

Vandals like tetris too

15 Spectacular Lightning Images - what it says on the tin.

Last Day on Earth - yowch, someone's in trouble...

Talkin' Serious Cute - indeed. Serious cute.

The Man She Forgot to Google

Along the Autobahn. Don't speed. Really don't speed.