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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How People Find Hippie Blog

It's always interesting to see, through referral stats, how people find this blog. Links from other blogs, and links from blog-related stuff is quite common, but the google searches that people do, and find me, are sometimes quite intriguing.

I get a ridiculous number of hits through people searching for anal bleaching, for verruca cures, and for how to give used stamps for charity, amongst other things.

Today's intriguing in-link is that I am #1 in the search results for give me a fuckin idea to eat in ipswich. And the post that gives me that top spot? Oh yes, the murder of prostituted women in Ipswich. Go figure.


Unknown said...

That is a hoot!

mcbeth said...

These are the search terms people use most often to find my blog:

* Don't dress your dog in a muumuu

* Jeannette Wall
* Glass Castle notes

* Satellite Feeds

*pr e t een n ip pl e (separated out incorrect so as not to lead them here)

and people also click through from my page to my blog. Sometimes I have to wonder what people were thinking using either superspecific or v. broad search terms. I force myself to not look at stats often. It can become a kind of obsessive thing if I let it get away from me.