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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking Liberties

I have just watched the film Taking Liberties, which you can see for free at If you haven't seen it yet, then you really, really must.

"Right to Protest, Right to Freedom of Speech. Right to Privacy. Right not to be detained without charge, Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Prohibition from Torture. TAKING LIBERTIES will reveal how these six central pillars of liberty have been systematically destroyed by New Labour, and the freedoms of the British people stolen from under their noses amidst a climate of fear created by the media and government itself."

It features Walter Wolfgang (the 83 year old man who was arrested under the terrorism act for shouting, 'Nonsense!' at the Labour Party Conference), Brian Haw, Mark Thomas, Maya and Milan, Sylvia and Helen, Mouloud Sihali, Shami Chakrabarti, and many, many more inspiring people who protest loudly against the shocking and frightening attacks on our civil liberties in the name of anti-terrorism.

There are very apt archive clips brilliantly juxtaposed with people speaking about the current situation in Britain, and perfectly chosen music.

The official website for the film is, and perhaps most importantly, it has a fairly well-stocked What You Can Do page.

I found that the film contains stuff I already knew, but perhaps needing reminding of, as well as things I had no idea about, for instance that the prisoners held in Guantamano Bay represent just 4% of the people that America is detaining in secret all over the world.

It consolidates a lot of facts in a way that brings it all together in a comprehensive and, frankly, terrifying way.

Watch it now. Then join Liberty and Amnesty. Then protest. If you dare.