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Friday, October 28, 2011

On Eamonn Holmes and Unexpected Allies

When, like me, you're a left-wing feminist blogger, and you get an email saying, "Oh my God you're in the Daily Mail", the automatic response is to expect the worst. I had an idea what it would be about, because I had done some interviews with journalists about the story I broke about Eamonn Holmes saying to a girl who had been raped, "Well, I hope you take taxis now".

The tweets I had initially sent about him saying it had been retweeted hundreds of times, and I had had lots of support for what I had written, but what on earth would the Mail have to say about it...?

Well, it turns out that they weren't mocking my feminism, or defending Holmes' comments. In fact, they quoted me in a broadly sympathetic article. So next came the Daily Telegraph. The same thought process. A panicky click through... also sympathetic, with quotes from a telephone interview I had given as well as the blog post.

Then aol lifestyle, and unreality primetime, and this morning even The Sun.

It's certainly been a weird 24 hours. I won't be recommending the Mail, Telegraph or Sun for their feminist content any time soon, but I'm certainly pleasantly surprised that I've been quoted in them all, and not in a horrible way.


thermalsatsuma said...

Just goes to show that blogging does make a difference in changing attitudes. I've said it before, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it - you RAWK!

incurable hippie said...

Lol, thanks Neil :)