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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Glasto Mud, Starbucks recall...

My referrers table tells me that I am in the top 10 Google results for a search for pictures of st, and also for illegal copy of stormbreaker. Most worryingly, it seems Incurable Hippie is, frighteningly, the number one result for Joan Kilroy (did they get married???!).

I mentioned Glastonbury last time I wrote. And I mentioned eBay too. Now the two have merged. See Glastonbury Mud for Sale on Ebay. To give the seller credit, once bids got to £74, they announced that half the money made would go to the charity WaterAid. Now that prices have hit £510, that's pretty impressive for all concerned!

Of course, many latecomers hoping for a similar fortune have now jumped on the bandwagon with highly optimistic buy it now prices of sometimes £450! Nice try, but you have to think of these things first, not be a poor disciple.

There's a Sheffield Indymedia Writing Workshop next Tuesday. Looks like a great idea!

Which leads me nicely onto the Product Recall of Faulty Starbucks Coffee Cups, which also leads me nicely onto wanting to win the texting speed record.

Of course, none of those things led to any of the others, but I thought I'd try and blag it.


Dooey said...

Well Ms. Pippa.. I dunno if you've already got it, but I'm extending a G-Mail invite to ya if ya want it. Email there and I'll send ya one.

Unknown said...

Awww thank you!

I do already have a gmail addy (lesbian.hippie@) but I'm so touched you thought of me!