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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Subvertising, Graffiti, Creative Anger...

Kim Sun-il has been killed. I know I only wrote about this a few minutes ago but I'm furious. Why are we still occupying Iraq? It's no good for anyone. We're killing people then are surprised when they retaliate? We won't let them take charge of their own country which we have wrecked, and we are surprised when they assert power in destructive and horrible ways?

This third apparent beheading is horrendous. And some people won't see beyond that. But we have to. We have to look at why it is happening, we have to get out of Iraq, and stop giving people reasons to do this stuff. It's not like we're even doing anything positive in Iraq. It's much worse than before we went.

I'm trying to channel my anger and dismay at the whole thing by looking at creative resistance.

Billboard alterations

Operation Scrub It

Art Crimes -

Billboard Liberation Front