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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Poverty, Play-Doh and Pick-Ups. Voyeurism x 2. Benefits and Bible Stories.

So, the internet is peppered with lists of chat-up lines. Almost all ill-advised, incidentally. As are the ones in this list of Christian Pick-up lines. What do you reckon to, "excuse me, i believe one of your ribs belongs to me"? Or the honestly quite bewildering "you put the "cute" back in persecution!"?

That actually leads quite nicely to a large selection of Bible Stories Recreated in Lego...

Anybody's voyeuristic tendencies can be nurtured and encouraged by going to Random Live Webcams from the Net. The clue is in the title really. I particularly like the Launderette in Takanabe, Japan, an incredible Austrian landscape (complete with skiers), and there are many images from the PlusNet offices in Sheffield.

I talked about how cold it got here in Sheffield. Now, you really must see these amazing photos of ice-encrusted vehicles. They look incredible.

The Peanuts4Benefits campaign is one which I very much support.
Millions of claimants are facing benefit increases of as little as 50p per week from April 2005, the smallest rise for at least 30 years. For example a single person on Job Seekers Allowance, over 25 years old, will receive 55p increase giving a total of £56.20 per week.
It seems that as the benefit levels do not rise in line with wages or even prices, people on benefits are in real terms becoming poorer each year. The tiny increases leave people worse off year on year. There is more good information from Oxfam: Facts about Poverty in Great Britain.

Back on voyeurism, there are some fascinating reads on

I've just made myself one of those microwave snack rice pot things. I had to separate the rice from itself initially, as it was in a huge pyramid solid shape. I realised when I was doing this, that it smelt distinctly of play-doh. Much as Play-Doh, and in particular its smell, are fabulous. I'm not sure I want to eat rice made from it.

Tasting the rice now - it tastes like no rice I have ever tasted, nor does the sweet and sour sauce taste of anything at all. There is still a distinct childhood toy smell... Hmmm.