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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Transplants, Trends, Tokenism, Titles.

This is appalling (Immigration authorities have denied entry to a Sri Lankan needed for her daughter-in-law's transplant).

This is really interesting (Fascinating social trends survey reveals 35-year transformation).

This story is blatant electioneering, which made me laugh.
"I don't think people would reject a prime minister simply on the basis that he was gay," Blair told the magazine.
The fact that he said on the basis that he was gay says an awful lot about tokenism, the old boys' network and gender bias in politics and society. Grrr (Blair: Gay prime minister possible in U.K.).

This is the coolest thing on the internet by far.


Crone said...

That really is the coolest thing on the internet!

Unknown said...

It really, really is!