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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Imagining my Day, Living my Day, and Imagining an Imagining.

Today was supposed to go like this:
Go into town on the bus, go to Post Office to collect money and pay bills. Then go to bank to pay more bills, get some food in, and then see social worker. Then home.

Today actually went like this:
Go into town on the tram, go to the Post Office who tell me that they can't do my money, but they don't know who should be doing it. Go to JobCentre Plus to find out which Post Office I need to go to, and after being directed to a phone on the wall, listen to a phone ring for 25 minutes then give up before anyone answers. Ring an outside line and call the switchboard, who put me through in a matter of seconds. Find out that I need to go to a Post Office miles away. Cry.

Go to bus stop to get to appointment with social worker. Wait 35 minutes for a bus that should come every 6-7, eventually give in and phone and cancel when 20 minutes into appointment time and still no buses.

Decide to try and find the Post Office miles away. Get a bus, am always pretty scared on bus routes I don't know. Find the Post Office, get money, pay most bills (except one where they would have charged £1.65 to pay a bill of £3.75). Wait for bus to get back into town. A bus that isn't going my way comes and pulls in, while a woman in a car pulls out, there is an awful crunching noise. I check the woman is ok, but judging by the yelling when she and the bus driver come face to face, I think she is fine (but angry). He apologised and took responsibility (although I wasn't sure it was entirely his fault), a woman comes out of her house to see what is happening, and I am glad to see that the bus I do want comes.

Back into town, crossing a road (with the green man, of course), almost get flattened by an idiot taxi driver speeding through a red light. Man from behind runs to check I'm ok and rather understates, 'that was close'. Yes it was.

Shop, food, bus, home. Phew. Not at all as it was supposed to be.

If you want to pretend, albeit briefly, that the world is not as disastrously awful as it actually is, why not listen to George Bush singing 'Imagine'?


Taarna said...

I would listen to George Bush singing 'Imagine', but I just ate and I don't want to revisit my food.
I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I have days like that sometimes. Mine are more along the lines of me thinking I'm not speaking English because it seems like everyone I talk to doesn't understand me. On those days, I begin to think that maybe I am from another dimension and only a shadow of me exists in this one.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness I know exactly what you mean, about people not understanding and wondering if you are in fact speaking in English, and whether you are in fact making any sense at all.

I also sometimes really start to think that I must have turned invisible, because nobody sees, hears, reacts to me at all. Very strange.