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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Intermittent Chocolate God Everybody Gay Fly Moon Sunshine.

My blog recommendations for the day:

- NonCompliance - Mcbeth does an incredible mix of photos and words. She is insightful and immensely perceptive, and writes with an unparalleled eloquence (of the type that makes me use phrases such as unparalleled eloquence...). Quote, "Now this one, she's something. Really something. You probably already know this, but the cherishable ones, I think, are the ones who don't think they are. Hidden gems. It's not my job to make someone see their worth, but I sure can see it if it's there, and when it is there - oh my yes. The eyes, the smile - oh my yes. Now I'm beginning to understand what it is that you must be seeing in beatific winsome glances. I kissed her, you know. It was just a soft kiss on her cheek, but I meant six years worth of please let me catch up in that kiss. I called her while driving home, to tell her that I intended not to aim for her cheek the next time. She laughed and blushed across the telephone lines and though I was mystified how I possibly could find the courage within myself to follow through, I think about her eyes, her smile - oh my yes. So I am learning what you also have had to learn, that I can aim with delightful accuracy the next time."

- Chocolate and Zucchini is as close to eating as you can get without actually eating. You will taste, smell and crave with every line you read. Quote, "Softshell crabs are crabs that have newly molted, so they are still small, and their shell is still, well, soft, so the whole thing can be eaten (and don't you oh-poor-adolescent-crab me). This dish had so many of my trigger ingredients that I simply couldn't pass it (Crab, avocado, lime and ginger? Dish! Will you marry me?) and it was indeed just what I'd hoped, a great combination of tastes and textures, very refreshing."

- GodSpeak - listen to God's weekly message to the world here. Am I allowed to make a stupid pun about a God Podcast being a Godcast?? But fun, anyway. Quote, "In other news, Britney Spears grew up. Get used to it, people [...] Anybody who went to see Star Wars today instead of going to Church is a lame-assed bastard. You won't go to hell for it, but I gotta tell you, I'm irked."

My animation, vid, song recommendations for the day:

- Everybody Dance Now - a lad who often finds his roommate dancing madly to 80s/90s dance music sets up a webcam in the room. The results are surprisingly good!

- GayBar: Bush and Blair Mix - you may have seen the original Gay Bar animation, but this Bush / Blair adaptation is very funny, with good lip synching.

- Fly Guy is an interactive animation which is clever, subtle, cute and quite relaxing and fun.

- We Like Tha Moon is an oldie but a goodie.

and Bring Me Sunshine just makes me smile. Good old Eric and Ernie.

(Many more here).

And finally... See, see! Hippie google logo. Fun!


TP said...

the google logo is genius, and I love fly guy, someone sent me the link a while ago, rocking out with aliens - do you think that's what the guys and gals in the spaceshuttle are up to now?

Anonymous said...

Am I too late to comment here? Congratulations on being the #1 Google result for "The Chocolate God"! I found your site originally through another of your funny comments on Disturbing Search Requests.