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Thursday, August 18, 2005

It happens every year, and it makes me so angry.

So, to anyone who did A Levels this time - well done if you got through them at all. They are really work-intensive and hard, and often an awful lot depends on them so they are more stressful than most other exams.

As on this day every year, the news has been full of reports of how A Levels are getting too easy, they are dumbed down, they are a waste of time.

A Level time is so, so awful. If you have had your A Level results today and you have done well - Well Done! - don't listen to a word of what these spoilsports are saying. You have done really, really well and them talking about lies, damn lies and statistics should not be discussing this in the way they are, which seems in every way to downgrade your achievement.

If you have had your A Level results today and you have not done well, or as well as you wanted to, you probably feel even worse. Not only have you not done as well as you wanted to, but the media will lead you to believe that not achieving what you wanted is even worse than it is, because the exams are supposedly so effortless and straight-forward now. This is just not true. Don't beat yourself up, and certainly don't do it on the basis of this national outcry nonsense which I can honestly and truly tell you is discussed every year on this day. Every year. Really. And it has been for years, and it will be for more years.

I hope you get what you want, I hope if you want to go to Uni you can do so, and that if you go it is fantastic. I hope if you want a job you find a great one. Doing great in your A Levels is a fantastic feeling, doing badly feels like the end of the world. The intensity will pass, and things will work out, but please ignore the media. Please.

I got my results 10 years ago, I had done well, got into the Uni I wanted to go to, and was really pleased. A close friend didn't. She was devastated, but through clearing she got the course she wanted at a different Uni, and never looked back.

Hang on in there, especially anyone who has had their achievement dampened, or their disappointment fuelled by the insensitive crap that is being churned out.


Garry Nixon said...

This gets on my nerves too. And, because the media comes out with it every year, it's boring as well as untruthful.

Anonymous said...

damn right - it's so unfair of the media to belittle people's achievements like that. i once compared an a-level maths paper from 2000 to one from 20 years previously to test out this stupid theory, and the only difference was the way they were structured - the content was the same, and the questions were of the same difficulty. the AS/A2 papers though ... now *they* had me scratching my head! i'm glad i snuck into the last year of old a-levels :o)