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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lately, I am mostly:

    Crying about:
  • Missing my Dad

  • The state of the world

  • Being in pain

    Getting pissed off at:
  • Violence every-bloody-where

  • Men running the world

  • Depression ruining things as usual

  • My new doctor being an idiot

    Bored of:
  • Being depressed

  • Weekends

  • Weekdays

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Laban said...

Have you thought of

a) pulling yourself together

b) not relying on a doctor to 'cure' you. What you have sounds more like unhappiness than a label called depression.

None of the things that cheese you off are impossible to deal with(except your father - but that comes to us all sooner or later, unless we're unlucky enough to die before a parent, thus giving them about the worst feeling there is - losing a child).

Yes, the world IS in a state. Always has been, probably always will be, whether humans are there to see it or not. We just have to get on with it.

Good luck.

incurable hippie said...


a) of course I have.

b) you are making a huge presumption. The doctor who's an idiot doesn't have anything to do with psychiatric treatment. As for your diagnosis (based on this post alone, or all of them?), I thank you for your opinion, and will now ignore it in favour of my own views and those of people who actually know me.

That's not to say I'm renouncing the thought that I am unhappy not depressed, just that you shouldn't make such assumptions - of how I describe my own sadness, how I understand it, or whether I rely on a doctor to 'cure' me.

As for whether the things I happened to mention in this post, maybe you're right. This post isn't the sum total of my life - good or bad. Why are you being so arrogant?

Glad you can get on with it so marvellously. I sometimes can, too.

In short, you know nothing.

the void said...

too right hippie

who d'ya think you are to make judgements like that

and saying to someone whos suffering from depression to pull themselves together is a bit stupid by the way (for future reference like)

you seem to have anger issues maybe, or possibly a degree of mania - have you tried librium?

Laban said...

a) Who on earth said I got on with it marvellously ? I certainly didn't. And I wrote because I too was an incurable hippy, but got cured. Don't wait as long as I did.

b) loads of anger "issues" (particularly when people talk about 'issues' - unless they're being sarcastic) and a doctorate in mania. And your name is very descriptive.

Best of luck IH - I've said my bit and won't disturb you again.

TP said...

Feist = Fabulous
Hippy, I'm sending good vibes your way.