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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

"I drink to make other people interesting"

Water from the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain has sold on ebay for £205. Bloody ridiculous! However, given that the 12 bids above £14 are all from the same two very low feedback bidders (one with 0 feedback, the other with -1), time will tell whether the opportunist seller will get the dosh!

And I'm not used to the Guardian being so gooey.

Incidentally, do people know about BugMeNot? If you want to get onto, say, a news site which requires registration, you can see if anyone there has a user name and password you can use, to save giving your details out to the world. Tis fab.

I went into WH Smith yesterday and they are re-doing the inside of the store. One thing they have done is make the shelf units for magazines and such much, much taller. I felt a bit like Alice - shrunk. It was all the same as usual, except much bigger... Strange experience indeed. It was only on leaving the shop I realised my height hadn't altered one bit. Which is good.

Oh, and I'm giving it a try. I have duct tape on my foot. Time will reveal whether it is the long-awaited cure, but I'm desperate enough to have a go.


Anonymous said...

Pippa! Visiting WHPorn?! Noooooo!!!
Unless of course you were making the porn buyers feel uncomfortable :)

(Last seen being thrown out of WHPorn at Paddington Station) Caroline xxx

Anonymous said...

...I have noticed that whsmiths has also started to sell drink and food - mayhap (I love that word), mayhap they are trying to influence you to "drink me" or "eat me" as in alice in wonderland :^)...


Anonymous said...

They did the same to my local WHS. I've gone from being an Elf to a Hobbit.