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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Public Transport Woes

The buses are on strike. They have been since last Tuesday, and it seems that no agreement has yet happened, and no further talks are planned.

I do support the strike, of course. Driving buses has gone from a schoolboys' dream job, to a thankless occupation with long hours, abusive customers and, it seems, crap pay.

There was a series of graffitied adverts on buses these last few weeks. They were on a poster encouraging people to work for them and each perk of the job had been commented on by a presumably disgruntled driver.

They were comments along the lines of this:

Want to start each day with a smile like this driver?
He's only smiling cos he's leaving tomorrow or he's only smiling cos he's on drugs.

They pointed out the long hours, poor perks, poor pay, and bad shifts.

I am really, really grateful for bus drivers. They get me around and without them I wouldn't get far or out often. I want them to be paid a decent wage and work in decent conditions. And miserable drivers don't make for especially pleasant journeys for the passengers either.

So, if First Mainline are by any chance listening (of course they're not), please give these people a decent package, so I can get around again. Preferably by Tuesday please, as I have appointments then that I can't get to on a Yorkshire Terrier service.