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Monday, July 26, 2004

Vote Manor Lodge!

Everywhere I go, that is what I see - on the side of school buildings, facing out of office windows, everywhere is Vote Manor Lodge. So yeah, go ahead I reckon!

Sheffield Manor Lodge is the most important historic site in Sheffield, since the destruction of Sheffield Castle. It is an ancient monument and boasts three listed buildings, but despite this it is little known by the majority of Sheffield's population. This year, however, Sheffield Manor Lodge has been chosen to feature in the new series of the highly successful BBC 2 television series "Restoration".

To find out more about Manor Lodge, follow one, more or several of the links in that preceding paragraph.

To vote, call

You have from 2am on Tuesday the 27th to midnight on Wednesday 28th July.

Calls cost 50p each [34p goes to the Restoration Fund] and you can vote as many times as you want. Note: you can only vote by phone, not by e-mail or text.

There, I feel I've done my bit of citizenship for Sheffield for the day now ;)