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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Witness to the Witnesses

Blurry but fabulous...

It's almost subversive! Recruiting people to evangelise to Jehovah's Witnesses. Like a strange form of karma.

If you can't make out from the blur it is a classified ad calling for people to Help Jehovah's Witnesses to find Christ.

I wonder whether the JWs are actively sought out, or whether people have the relevant literature ready by their door just waiting for a visit.

I have fairly regular visits. I used to get lots of Mormons coming round too but the ultra-smart appearance and the American accent gave them away instantly so I soon stopped answering the door.

If I decide at any point that I am searching for faith, I can't imagine that it will be somebody waking me up on a Sunday morning or interrupting a quiet evening in that would make the difference. Really.


Anonymous said...

...I could be wrong about this - but according to jehovah's witnesses didn't jesus return to earth in 1874 (and again - although this time invisibly - in 1914)'d think that if their's was the one true faith the big jc would have signed up by now :^)...