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Thursday, July 21, 2005


There may be something else going off in London. Some tube lines closed, Scotland Yard confirming they are dealing with 'a series of incidents', eye witnesses reporting smoke, and a hospital saying it has gone into emergency mode.

'Incidents at three underground stations' according to the radio.

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Alert at tube stations
Emergency services are responding to reports of incidents at three London underground stations today, and witnesses reported seeing smoke.
Scotland Yard said they were responding to incidents at Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd's Bush stations on the underground. British Transport police said all of the stations were being evacuated.

A passenger on a tube train about to arrive at Warren Street tube stations said there were reports of an exploding rucksack, the smell of smoke and dozens of panicking passengers running through the train.

"The train was not far short of Warren Street station when suddenly the doors between my carriage and the next one burst open and dozens of passengers started running through," a retired special constable, called Ivan, told Sky News.
Police said the first incident was reported at 12.54pm.

On July 7, two weeks ago today 56 people died when four suicide bombers attacked three tube stations and a bus in the capital. The Metropolitan police have warned of a risk of further attacks

'Incidents' spark Tube evacuation

Emergency services have been called to three Tube stations after "incidents", Scotland Yard said.
Police confirmed they had been called to Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd's Bush stations.

There have been reports of smoke coming from the stations and all three have been evacuated.

The whole of the Northern Line has been suspended, along with the Victoria Line and the Hammersmith and City. There are no reports of any casualties.

A spokesman for London Underground said the nature of the incidents was unknown.

One hospital, near Warren St station, has started its emergency plan.