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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ants in your Plants.

Matrix Cow is good, spotted on 2 Queens blog, which also has more pics of the flower woman and man.

Sheffield and St Ives have been chosen to represent Britain in the Europe-wide Entente Florale competition. So the woman made of flowers was added this year along with the steel man from last year.
Last summer, the ‘Steel Man’ dominated the Town Hall Square. The 12-foot high living sculpture of a steel worker came complete with crucible and molten steel and attracted many people each day that came to admire the work – and take a photo!

This year the city has gone one better with a new addition in the form of the Buffer Girl, who is shown polishing cutlery on a buffing wheel.

Local company Escafeld Art Metalwork Ltd has designed both structures, which over the coming weeks will be filled with 22 bags of compost and planted with over 7,000 plants by the City Council Nursery team.

Richard Payne, Assistant Area Manager for the Nursery Team, said: “The Steel Man was a huge hit with both young and old last year. This year we decided to introduce the Buffer Girl to highlight the buffer girls’ role in the city’s history.”

Councillor Harry Harpham, Sheffield Council’s Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Green Spaces, said: “The Steel Man and the Buffer Girl will be one of our crowning attractions in our bid to win European Gold in Entente Florale.

“Both structures show the two sides of Sheffield industrial heritage and the work that was carried out in the steel and cutlery industries. It is a great way to tie in both the heritage of the city’s industrial past and link this to Sheffield being one of the greenest cities in Europe.”

Entente Florale has been running for more than 25 years. Sheffield is one of only two places (along with St Ives), chosen to represent the United Kingdom in the 2005 competition.

In the Towns and Cities category, Sheffield will be up against Baden in Austria, Mako in Hungary, Le Plesis-Robinson in France and Potsdam in Germany amongst others. England’s entrants last year were Harrogate in the town’s category and Darley in the villages category, both winning Gold. It’s a great credit to the region that once again a place in Yorkshire is representing Britain in Entente Florale.


hippie blog formatting has gone annoying. After a bit of playing about I think that the last entry has caused it, as it was fine before then, but since it was posted, the right sidebar has jumped to the bottom of the page.

When this has happened before it has been because either an image is too wide, or because the referrers list gets an entry which has too long a string of characters without spaces.

Neither of these seem to be the case, and given that I can click on other recent entries and when they open with just that entry on the page, the right sidebar is where it should be.

So I've had a good look at the code on the Junk Mail Redistribution entry and can't see what the problem is, so it may be that it's one of those html/blogger oddities and will resolve itself. If it continues to be a problem I will look again.


Is someone's birthday coming up? You know, those people who are impossible to buy for... you never quite know what they already have, or what music they like, or what colour their bathroom is. Well, you can bet that they don't already have a genuine, dead, three-headed ant going for a mere $108.50 (US) on ebay, with 1 day 6 hours left.


Garry Nixon said...

The formatting on pig sty avenue went all to hell in the same way as you describe. I don't know enough HTML to analyse exactly what was happening, and I cured it by saving the links in notepad and then choosing a new template. Bit drastic... Or maybe not - a little like redecorating.

Taarna said...

I couldn't see three heads on that ant, only two. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked. However many heads it has, that's just weird. People sell the strangest things on Ebay.