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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Freedom To...

Ha! Freedom Finance wrote to me again (or Subvertising is fun).

Am I sure I don't want a homeowner loan?

"Brighten up your summer with a severe credit problem like this".

"If you think finance is freedom, we would definitely recommend seeking help"

Back of envelope - Warnings of risk, and examples of loan repayment amounts - "£25,000 x 300 months @ £218.70 per month - total amount payable £65,610.00".. Seriously.

Well, it's all in their own words. I may have mixed a couple up, but it's truthful now at least.

See also the original freedom finance subvertised junk mail.


TP said...

This is absolutley fantastic! I will be doing the same (although I don't actually get much junk mail, only from the evil that is Capital One).

Unknown said...

Hehe I am very glad you like :->

Capital one is pretty evil and I would actively support any such, um, decoration on their junk!! Especially as they'll pay to receive it back if it's freepost ;)

zazzafooky said...

YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so going to try this :-)

Thanks for the laugh, you creative snarky thing you!

Unknown said...

oh you! ;)

i posted it today. they should get it tomorrow or monday.

mwa ha ha.

and they never, *ever* stop sending me the materials to do more! and they so kindly pay the postage for me to send it back to them...

Ellie said...

Oh I am so going to do this! I get so much material for this!!!