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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Illustration Friday: Free.

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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
Sleazy man offers lunch to female colleague. She says no.
Female colleague dreams of adding poison to sleazy colleague's 'free lunch'
Moral of the story...
Illustration Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Seriously paranoid, there. It's a shame that a majority of jerk guys make it so rough for those with genuine intentions to function.

Either way, perpetuating it is lame.

Unknown said...

Ok anonymous, but it is not me that is perpetuating the fact that men harass women. It is the men that are doing it!

The reason this was in my head was that the day I drew it (the Friday) I had been approached by a man in town who felt it was his duty to leer and tell me that my breasts are large.

I wouldn't draw a cartoon to represent this situation in this way if there wasn't a fuckin good reason.

Anonymous said...

That is a 100% different situation than chivalry and good intentions. You've completely missed any kind of effectiveness and just look idiotic. In fact, the depth of your ignorance is so great that I've had to share this 'comic' around. It's unanimous. Congrats!

the end.

Anonymous said...

Congrats?? Congrats to YOU Anonymous for singularly failing to grasp the point that men's supposed "chivalry and good intentions" all too often provide them with an excuse to approach women uninvited, to invade our space and to harass us.

How dare you accuse Hippie of ignorance!Let's say for argument's sake that the woman depicted in her cartoon accepted the dinner. Let's also imagine (which sadly isn't difficult) that the man raped her. Under the English legal system it would be nigh on impossible for her to secure a conviction against that man. Why? Because she accepted the "free" lunch. Yes it is a truly depressing state of affairs. I am guessing that you are male, Anonymous. Go and look at the British Crime Survey and check out the statistics on reported rapes vs convictions. Go and talk to your female friends about their experiences of men who just won't take no for an answer(that's if you have any, and if you don't, please don't offer strange women free lunches to talk to you). It's really not about lunch, or about "chivalry" (which, by the way, to use its true meaning is 'Patronising Sexism'). It's about our inalienable right to go about our daily lives free from harassment and about men's absolute stubborn refusal to accept that they are doing something wrong when they harass us - however seemingly nice their intentions.


PS. Hippie I am so, so sorry you had that horrible experience on Friday. xx

carla said...

Ah...people get so crazy! I see this as a little "slice of life." Sorry you had such a nasty episode, hippie... there are men and women who exploit other people for their own gain, but there are also those who are kind, sensistive, and genuine. I hope you enjoy the compnay of the latter :>>>>> (and this is a funny little comic)

Ellie said...

Wanted to say how excellent this cartoon is and also now want to respond to the dickhead who left the stupid comments above. I, too, am sorry you had such a horrid experience.

Anonymous, Hippie is not the one who looks idiotic. I'll leave it at that for fear of getting really pissed off in a comments section.