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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

David Blunkett Resigned!

Ha Ha Ha!


I want to write a poem
But I don't know what about.
There surely is a subject
About which I want to spout.

I climbed up a big mountain
And walked all along a river.
Inspiration I was seeking
To set me all aquiver.

I rode on bulls and horses
and I ran with wolves and lions
but I still had no ideas 'bout which
I could write some rhymes.

I convened with elves and fairies
And we smoked and got quite drunk,
We took too many drugs and so
My brain, it got quite shrunk.

I thought I heard some music
Coming from inside a tree,
I conversed with grass and lightbulbs
and they came to section me.

I still had no ideas for
The ode I was to write -
I thought all through the sunshine,
I thought all through the night.

Then the birds chorused the dawn
and realisation came with it...
I'd written the bloody poem -
Which you know, cos this is it!

I want to do an altered board book and I bought a second hand board book today from a charity shop for a few pennies. I'm quite scared because all the altered books stuff I have seen is incredibly incredible and I'm quite crap, but I want to do one and I may - just may try.

Oh, did I mention that David Blunkett resigned?!
Blunkett 'man of Sheffield steel'.
In the square outside David Blunkett's former fiefdom, Sheffield City Hall, a great wailing went up at lunchtime as news of the resignation filtered through the city.

But it was not an expression of collective sorrow at his second fall from grace.

It was just the siren which blares out everyday at 1pm to tell nearby workers it is time to nip out for a sandwich.

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Anonymous said...

Had thought that you, hailing from Sheffield, might have something to say... thanks for the entertaining take on it. Have a read of how Joy heard about Blunkett's resignation today...

Karen Hatzigeorgiou said...
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Karen Hatzigeorgiou said...

If you need some help getting started with your altered board book, let me know. I wrote that article you referenced for creativity-portal. You can find a lot more help for creating altered books at my web site Altered
Books Gallery
and my blog Artful Journey .
Go ahead and start! Board books are a dime a dozen. Just jump in and alter!