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Saturday, November 08, 2008

All About Me

From Sunday Stealing.

I am: cold

I think: that antibiotics make me feel iller than what I had in the first place

I know: that the weather will improve again

I have: a brother and a sister

I wish: that toothache would stop waking me up all through the night

I hate: spiders

I miss: my Dad

I fear: being sick

I hear: radio four

I smell: incense

I crave: brie and bacon panini

I search: for some filter tips

I wonder: whether feminism will ever make itself redundant

I regret: getting into debt

I love: photography

I ache: when I miss someone

I am not: as mobile as I used to be

I believe: in the goodness of people

I dance: to Erasure

I sing: when I'm on my own

I cry: when I'm scared

I fight: with myself more than anyone else

I win: competitions occasionally

I lose: things all the time

I never: eat bananas

I always: want more sleep

I confuse: architects and archaeologists

I listen: when people talk

I can usually be found: online

I am scared: of many things

I need: to be philosophical about it all

I am happy about: the friends in my life

I imagine: there's no heaven

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