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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feminist Carnivals

I found out yesterday that my Access to Feminism post, about (dis)ableism in the feminist community has been featured in the 68th Carnival of Feminists. They have randomly called me Penny, but that doesn't matter, it's nice they spotted and included my post. The issue does need to be brought out into the open.

There are some other interesting posts in the Carnival. What a crazy random happenstance talks about Feminist Dealbreakers - what constitutes a 'dealbreaker' in the relationships in her life. Behaviours or attitudes which force an end to a relationship with someone. For her, it can be people who claim to be feminist pro-lifers, for instance.

Reading the post, and the discussion continues in the lengthy comments section, got me thinking. I realised I have different deal-breakers depending on who the person is! Most notably if they are new to my life I deal break quickly and firmly, for instance someone being anti-choice or pro-pornstitution writes them off instantly), whereas people I have known for many years I seem more able to tolerate some of those things. Partly because huge numbers of people from my childhood (half my family, many of my friends), are Roman Catholic and so being 'pro-life' was kind of the default. Hell, I was!!

I guess I feel I can't expect my old friends to change in order to remain friends with me, but I don't have to put myself through trying to make friends with a new person with whom I am fundamentally opposed.

Jill at Womenstake wrote "Pro Life"? Puh-lease! about how misleading the term actually is, when preventing access to family planning, contraceptive and abortion services and products can indeed put lives at risk.

I didn't need to read Is Sarah Palin a Feminist Icon? No she's not. People get this mixed up, like Margaret Thatcher must be one too, for being the first female Prime Minister. No no no no!

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Skajerk said...

Shara palin is no feminist

Vist my blog please:)

Penny L. Richards said...

The "Penny" isn't random--I submitted the link for consideration, and they assumed I was the author. (This happens a lot with carnivals.) I'll get them to fix it. I just like seeing really strong posts from the disability blogosphere, like this one, highlighted in the appropriate roundups.

incurable hippie said...

Penny, that makes more sense! Thanks for letting me know, and thanks also for nominating my post. It means a lot :)