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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Women Deserve Better

Today's the first time in this daily blogging business where I'm really struggling for what to say.

It's only day 6 so I hope this doesn't continue! I did today's photography blog post this morning, but it's here on hippie blog post I'm having trouble with, mainly because I feel entirely lacking in words.

There are plenty of subjects available, it's the actual writing about them that's the problem.

So for today, I will let someone else's words do the talking, originally seen on the f word blog.

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thermalsatsuma said...

When you are stuck for things to write about, you can always fall back on a meme or two. Perhaps you could ask for topic suggestions from your readers?

I'd like to know how you came to live in Sheffield - were you born here or did you move here?

lupingirl said...

Amen Sister.

Women deserve Choice.

Unknown said...

Women do deserve better! My body, every woman's body, should be her own, to decide for herself. Until men are the ones to bear the children, they should have no say AT ALL.

KJ said...

I just watched that with chills and tears in my eyes by the end, that chick is INTENSE, and she's RIGHT!!!!!!

incurable hippie said...

Wow indeed, that woman is awesome. Thanks for great comments, folks.