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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Man Done Good

So, a black man is to be the most powerful man in the world. The first black President of the USA. Even as the polls and such were improving over the last few weeks, I didn't quite believe it could happen, especially since the weirdness of Bush becoming President (two elections ago) when he didn't actually win the most votes.

Obama is far from perfect, but shit, compared to McCain and Palin, it was vital he won. I haven't heard anything about the Palin of the Obama campaign, Biden, but it seems he is vice-President elect so no sudden wiping out of him by the voters. (I remember when the 1997 general election results were being counted here in the UK, I was desperate for the Tories to lose power to Labour, but for Tony Blair to have lost his seat so not be PM).

Of course when I say Biden is the Palin of the Obama campaign, I mean technically (i.e. running mate, potential vice president), rather than ideologically!

While US politics affect us here, affect most of the world in fact, we do get disproportionate coverage of such things, compared to what we hear about the rest of the world.

When the election campaigns were starting, months ago, at the top of each news report, there were groans all round. And the process was going to be so looooong, these November elections so far away. I, and many, were bored of the American elections by about May.

But these last few days, the possibilities... peaked my interest again. And the whole thing paid off.

Congrats to Obama and supporters. Let's hope he does a better job than his shambling predecessor.

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lupingirl said...

Most of us were bored with hearing about it, too!

But I am so happy that Obama won and we can say goodbye to Palin. At least for a while!

incurable hippie said...

Indeed! I heard the Republicans are trying to shut her up now, but she's not willing to go quietly!