Thursday, December 22, 2011

Adult Sleepwalking

I sleepwalked last night. It is something I have started doing this year, for reasons unknown. It is horrible, and I wake up too freaked out to get back to sleep. I'm writing this because it's bedtime again and I'm scared now.

It's not even just sleepwalking. Last night I got to sleep about 2.30am. I woke up at 4. I was downstairs, and had sleepwalked. Not just that. I woke up vomiting, because I had eaten tonnes of food in my sleep. I have no idea where my glasses are (I have spares now, thankfully, mainly because of this very thing).

I woke up vomiting over myself, after 1.5 hours sleep, because I had eaten so much. In my sleep.

It is foul, I hate it, it scares me.

Can't imagine this post will stay up long, because it's all quite humiliating. But maybe writing it down will help me to freak out less in anticipation of sleeping tonight.


The Goldfish said...

Pippa, you deserve a hug. (((hug)))

When I went to my feed-reader this morning, I was feeling sorry for myself because of my sleep problems. I no longer feel sorry for myself at all! This sounds truly horrible.

I guess the most important thing is to make sure that you stay safe. If you sleep upstairs, I'd recommend one of those stair gates that you only put in place when you go to bed (if you leave it there all day and get used to the opening mechanism, your sleeping self might manage it too). If you can confine yourself upstairs, then you'd presumably be very limited on the food front and you wouldn't be in danger of leaving the house (which I guess must be your big fear). Because people often have those gates for just a few years when their kids are little, they're the sort of thing that comes up often in classified ads or maybe freecycle.

This is a horrible thing to go through, it's dangerous as well as debilitating. I hope your doctor can come up with something to help.

Anonymous said...

Are you taking the sleeping pill Ambien?

People on that sleep walk and cook and eat and even drive and don't remember it.

My wife drove and the police brought her home and she had no memory of it at all, but it was the best night sleep she had in a long time.

She doesn't take it anymore.

You can look uo the side effects and other peoples experences.

Good luck.


incurable hippie said...

I am, but I've been taking it for years, it's weird that it would suddenly start having this effect now.