Sunday, November 02, 2008

Used Stamps charity list is no more.

Some years ago, I was trying to find out which charities accepted used stamps as a form of fundraising, and realised there was no central list of such places.

As a result, I did much research and compiled as comprehensive a list as I could, both national and international, and put them up at

The site has had 30,950 hits and created many comments and enquiries to me. Many charities have received stamps to help them raise money and it's been great to be the source of such a resource.

However its success has also been, I'm afraid to say, its downfall. I get so many emails telling me about new charities which collect stamps, or charities listed which no longer collect stamps, or from charities wondering how to fundraise with used stamps, or from people wanting rare stamps, that I cannot keep on top of it.

The list needs constant attention, which I cannot give it.

I considered leaving the page up with a note at the top saying that it was out of date and that visitors couldn't rely on the information provided, but realising this would cause hassle to the listed charities who no longer fundraise with stamps has now led me to remove the information entirely.

I feel sad! But I have to be realistic. In case anyone, for some reason, really really wants to see the final list, you can do so here, but I cannot accept any responsibility at all for the information there. If in doubt, it is best to assume it is out of date and not reliable information any more. Despite the work put in to it, times change quickly.

Last December I posted this information about a way to help charities fundraise with used stamps. It is perhaps the most reliable information and you can find all the info you need there.

You can see more of what I do online here at

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Anonymous said...

hallo there!

I am Laura - the one who collects the RNLI stamps, that you listed.

I have just started a new site for used stamps for charity, and wondered if you have time, you would be able to pop up a link to it so that people who want to save stamps for charity can be listed on my site...
Its in the process of being built - http://

Anonymous said...

Hello - I currently send charity stamps via - im not sure if this list is up-to-date but i always try to include the retun address if they wish to reject the envelope.
It would be brilliant if there was a central list that included the various forms of donations charities would like to recieve! Something almost like this is

Anonymous said...

Carers’ Centre Hull are collecting used stamps to raise further funds for carers and the disabled so please send us your stamps. We can raise money from both British and overseas stamps. It doesn't matter if they have already been used, or if they are everyday first or second class stamps.
When you are next coming into Hull please pop them into the Centre or alternatively post them to:

Carers’ Centre Hull
Unit 5, The Shirethorn Centre
37-42 Prospect Street

Registered Charity No: 1080896
Thank you