Monday, November 10, 2008

Fundies Say The Darndest Things...

Fundies Say the Darndest Things is a site which is always worth a visit. People post totally bizarre or outrageous things said by Christian fundamentalists, and others can vote and comment on them.

It sounds maybe puerile, but that's until you see the quotes by the fundies... then you realise who is being sensible here and who's not.

    Some examples:

  • I believe that the husband and wife should vote as one: meaning that, after discussing the possible options, both come to a mutual decision and the wife strengthens the husband's vote with hers. I think it's a shame if the wife disregards her husband's opinion and "cancels" his vote by choosing the opposite. And in my opinion, the same is true for adult unmarried daughters - they are under their father's authority until marriage.

  • But imagine some stranger came knocking on the door of your house and asked if he could move in and live with you. How much would you welcome him? You would certainly see him as "the other," and in many ways he is. He is not part of your family.

    The request of gays to be "married" might be similar, even for a tolerant person like myself. The request to be married is a request to move into my "house"--the order of my society that has been traditional for thousands of years.

  • If those 40 million babies had lived, there wouldn’t be so many jobs for illegals to steal from Americans!

  • I believe it's in the heart of the earth. I suspect that earthquakes happen because hell is enlarging itself. But's that's my opinion.

  • In the 7th grade we always said grace before leaving the classroom to go to lunch and the whole class recited the 100th Psalm each morning. You weren't afraid to walk your own neighborhood after dark or even considered closing your windows at night since we had no AC in those days. Lock your car at night? What for? No reason to do that. They're wasn't car hijacking back then either. No one committed suicide either.

  • But Andrew, I beg to differ. All that science is really BS. If you have a penis, you're body automatically wants to find its way into a vagina, not into another dude's asshole.

  • God help us. We just voluntarily put an Antichrist in power. Hope you all enjoy socialism which will invariably take even more of your rights away. When you realize that I will say I told you so.

  • "An Anderson (SC) man who had alleged his father attacked him with a baseball bat "to cast the demons of homosexuality out of him"

    Wishful thinking. More fathers should have such courage and take moral responsibility.

  • He explained that the ham came from a type of black-hoofed Iberico wild pig that wanders around eating acorns, "which turn into delicious fat in its muscle tissue, and also make it really healthy for you." That drew a chuckle from the reporters Obama had brought along. "All I know is it tastes good," said Obama. "That was delicious."]

    Obama is a pork eating muslim to throw us off the trail

  • It is sad to see how mislead some of you people are. Abortions don't turn a profit? Not true! Aborted babies are used in vaccines and the medical establishment is trying to get more women to have abortions because the demand for vaccinations have gone up in recent years!

  • I accept and agree with equal rights. They already have these though. Every single homosexual is entitled to marry someone of the opposite sex anytime they so choose.



  • Woman seem to think they are only beautiful when they are undressed as they show their flesh off?

    I find it funny. Woman are just our slaves and they will always be. God puts woman to slave them selfs to only one man their mate. Which by the way is suppose to be someone that loves her. The devil slaves her to all the world.

There is, as expected, and as you have seen, much horror at the election of Barack Obama, commonly referred to in these fundie circles as Hussein (his middle name) with references to him being a Muslim (which he is not). I was ever-so-slightly amused by the reference to impending OBAMANATION though, I have to admit.

I don't think the quotes on FSTDT need much commentary, they mainly speak for themselves in their ignorance, prejudice and bile. But if you want comments, click on the links. I won't make any because, rather like Thatcher or Dubya, you can't much parody someone that is already a total parody of themself.

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lupingirl said...

All I can really say is WOW, can people get more ignorant?

incurable hippie said...

Not much more, surely!