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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy 60th Birthday

Woman's Hour. Here's to 60 more (and a bit more politics please)...

Woman's Hour is great. There are the odd, predictable, whining complaints along the line of 'Why can't we have a Man's Hour?'. Well, the other 23 hours of the day are Man's Hour, ok? Deal with it!

Anyway, a good proportion of Woman's Hour listeners are reportedly men, so maybe there is some hope.

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thermalsatsuma said...

I used to enjoy the programme called "The Locker Room" presented by Tom Robinson that dealt with things like relationships and families from a male perspective. The rest of Radio 4 is hardly exclusively male, unless you think that women don't want to listen to things like the News Quiz, the plays, the news or even the good old shipping forecast ... :-)

Gracchi said...

I recently had a weird experience- when I a man and a male friend commented on how we quite enjoyed woman's hour and thought some of the items were quite fun and were then criticised by two girls who absolutely hate the program and hate its emphases. I suppose in reality like all radio programs- it must have had a constituency to go on so long and also is a good place for feminist issues to be aired but its just somethign that you like male or female and your sex doesn't really come into it. Its atmosphere is so genteelly relaxed- i remember one amazing segue from Vietnamese prostitution straight into making seed cakes in Rotherham which amused me- but if you don't find the varied nature of the program amusing or interesting then you won't like it and many women as well as men don't.

As for the title, who cares.